Larping in Wellington

Wellington is currently seeing a big surge in its larps. Many are one-off theatreform games, but there are campaign games underway, as well as various conventions.

There is at least one larp running most months, with a wide range in size and genre. A list of upcoming events can be found here.

You can also get into larping at some of Wellington's gaming conventions...


Wellington's biggest gaming convention, Kapcon offers a mixture of tabletop games, mini larps (8-16 players) and a flagship larp of 50 players. The next event takes place on Wellington Anniversary Weekend of 19-20 January 2019, and more details can be found at


Wellington's own dedicated larping convention runs annually in April. Featuring six rounds of games, and a traditional big flagship game that everyone plays in. The next event will take place on the weekend of 6-7 April 2019, and you can find out more at:


From ancient times the gods lived among us, leading and guiding humanity to civilisation and prosperity. One hundred and twenty seven years ago, the Fall of the Gods changed all of that. In their sudden absence, humanity had to rebuild without them - but without them the world is doomed, unless you can find a way to save it. 'Embers' is a fantasy LARP campaign loosely inspired by Dark Souls. More information can be found in the campaign's Facebook group.


The Virtual Realm is last great frontier for humanity, filled with countless worlds, awakened programs, and endless possibilities. Whether you upload your consciousness into the Virtual or play as a sentient program, you will have the chance to explore old fairy tales with new digital twists. Start your journey in the Virtual today. Contact for more information, or check out the Facebook group.

Thunderrealm Island

Thunderrealm Island appears on no maps. Alone of with a few other stranded survivors, it is up to you to discover what the island’s purpose is. Where is Thunderrealm Island? Who is it that is shipwrecked here? Why does the island bring its inhabitants back to life?

Thunderrealm Island is an afternoon LARP, based on MMO games such as Guild Wars and WOW. Players work together in guilds of up to six to solve mysteries, fight monsters and collect treasure. More information can be found on the game's website or Facebook group.


Skyfall is a mission-based adventure larp, set on a ruined, post-alien invasion Earth. It is inspired by the computer game XCom. Sessions will run for between 4 and 8 hours, for small groups of up to 8 players. Crew are always welcome. To learn more, check out the Facebook group, or contact

Dry Spell

Dry Spell is a noir live action roleplaying game inspired by Jim Butcher's Dresden Files novels. The year is 1937, the Hindenburg has crashed on its maiden voyage, and the rumblings of a possible Second World War weigh heavily on the minds of the people. For the not so normal, the echoes of this turbulence ripple through the supernatural communities and into the NeverNever. Even the most dense troll feels the winds of change starting to blow. Something big is happening. And it is happening soon. Dry Spell runs in both Wellington and Auckland, with the Wellington games being set in Chicago. Contact or check out the campaign's Facebook group for more information.

Other upcoming events

To find out more about what's coming up, the best way to stay tuned is through the Wellington larp Google Group, Wellington Larp Facebook Group, or by following the Wellington forum on Diatribe. You can also follow the Victoria University gaming club's Facebook page to find out more about their larping events.

You can also contact the head of the Wellington committee of nzLARPS, Mel Duncan or the Wellington Marketing Officer, Malcolm Harbrow.