Larping in Hamilton

Currently, there is an active larp community in Hamilton which is enjoying rapid growth. Hamiltonians get together for one-off games, to practice live combat fighting and to organise travel to larps in other regions. Starting a new larp campaign in Hamilton is always a possibility too.

You can join the Facebook group or check out the Hamilton forum on Diatribe to find out what's happening, or drop an email to the marketing officer and they'll keep you updated.

Medusa is Hamilton's dedicated larp convention. In 2017 it will run in late September. Check out its Facebook group for more information.

Fallout: Dead Zealand is a post-apocalyptic larp campaign based on the Fallout Universe by Bethesda Software with a distinct NZ twist and flair. Get involved by joining the Fallout: Dead Zealand Facebook group.

Hamilton is also home to Crossroads, a large Vampire: the masquerade larp, and to the long-running fantasy game Quest Waikato.